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Our Services

Our Services:

Zack of All Trades Offers a wide array of services for homes and business.

Our company concentrates our business in 3 main areas of service.

  1. General Remodeling and Construction Services
  2. Property Management
  3. General Maintenance and Repair Contracts for Homes, Business’s and Agencies.

Residential Remodeling Services

Interior Projects we Handle:

Full Kitchen Design and Remodeling

Custom Bathroom Design and Retrofitting (Make your ½ Bathroom a Full Bathroom)

Finish Basements

Convert Your Basement or Garage to a Studio Apartment

Dock and Shed Construction

Exterior Projects we Specialize In :

Gazebo Installation

Outdoor Custom Lighting

Lawn Irrigation Design

Fence Installation and Repair

Deck Design, Installation, Repair and Demolition.

Whole Home Painting Contracts, Interior and Exterior.

Audio / Video Services for Business

Residential Repair Services

Our General Home Repair Services Include

  1. Plumbing Repairs
  2. Electrical Repairs
  3. Appliance Repair
  4. Audio /Video Services
  5. Drywall Repair
  6. Flooring Repair
  7. Exterior Fence, and Deck Refinishing and Repair
  8. Tile Repair
  9. Weather Proofing
  10. Lawn Irrigation Repair
  11. Gutter repairs
  12. Roofing Repairs
  13. Dock Repairs

Commercial Services

CCTV and Security Lighting Installation

Billboard Lighting

Sign Installation

Whole Building Fortification 

Perimeter Fencing

Security Lighting

Property Management

Are you a Realtor, Landlord , or Leasing Agent ?

Zack of All Trades Offers 24/7 on call property management services 365 Days a year.

Our Contracts Include:

Preventive Maintenance

Landscaping Upkeep

Painting and Visual Upkeep too Corporate Standards

New Construction Services

General Repairs

Mold and Flood Management Services

Full Grounds Keeping

All Management of Property Debris and Waste

Gutter, Strom Drain, and Sewer Maintenance

Appliance Repair and Installation Services

Pool Maintenance

Lawn Irrigation Maintenance and Repair Services

Commercial Property Lighting Packages, Service and Installation

Commercial Outdoor Plumbing

Snow Removal

Brush Removal

Natural Disaster Management and Response

We will work with you and your staff to complete a complete comprehensive property management portfolio for your property’s Individual needs.